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Centar Pozitron

Pozitron's Team Croatia is a team of roboticists composed of the best members of the Zvane Roboticz team, Zvane Črnje Rovinj High School and the best individuals from the Robonada robotics team. This year, Pozitron's Team Croatia successfully passed the national qualifications and secured its place at the long-awaited world robotics competition FIRST Global Challenge 2023, which is being held in Singapore. Pozitron's Team Croatia talented team members are Iva Sošić, Marija Šimunović, Maša Šverko, Stefano Poropat, Leon Matejčić and Adrian Legović.


Passion for robotics and innovation

Pozitron's Team Croatia passion can be best described by their unwavering enthusiasm for designing, building, and programming robots to solve real-world problems while pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Theis passion is driven by their relentless curiosity, a commitment to continuous learning, and a desire to shape the future through cutting-edge technological solutions.

We meet the challenge

Pozitron's Team Croatia proudly represented Croatia at FIRST Global Challenge in 2021. Together with Team Australia, we secured a commendable 3rd place in the Health category. This achievement is a testament to our team's outstanding problem-solving abilities, technical skills and commitment to improving global healthcare through the application of robotics and automation.

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