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Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, Histrion Foundation is dedicated to making as lasting on an impact as possible by channeling our fairly limited resources into our campaigns and programs which we believe can have a meaningful impact. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus on STEM, we spread a wider net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.


Roko Blažević

Keep Dreaming!

Roko Blažević, also known as Roko, is a Croatian pop singer. He represented Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song "The Dream", having won Dora 2019. In 2021, Roko's "dream" was coming true as he was accepted at and was awarded partial scholarship from Los Angeles College of Music. However, no matter how talented a person is, the "partial" scholarship can be a challenge if considering the fact that the college is located in Los Angeles and the total scholarship runs into tens of thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, it appears that this dream will come true!

Education & Outreach

STEM is What’s Needed

Histrion Foundation is actively working with high school educators in Croatia to identify talented students with interest in STEM area who may not be able to continue their education without financial assistance.


Rumble and Chikis Are Helping

For Those Who Cannot Talk

Unfortunately, animal cruelty is so widespread across the world that sometime really feels like stopping it is a truly utopian aspiration. Croatia is no exception to this issue. Histrion Foundation is working on creating a network of like-minded people who can help raise awareness and change the mindset of people to accept animals as part of the family and treat them as such.

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