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Zaklada Histrion

Zaklada Histrion is a Croatian chapter of Histrion Foundation. With similar goals as Histrion Foundation, Zaklada Histrion is well aware that offering solutions to global issues like climate change or hunger and poverty is well beyond the scope of its capabilities, but we would like to think that by doing our small part we are contributing to the larger cause.

In the end, just as "it takes a village to raise a child," it will take a really big "village" to solve many of the contemporary issues we are facing in today's world.

Zaklada Histrion

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." - Albert Einstein


Petra Papa

"Uživam u učenju jezika i otkrivanju tajni koje se kriju u riječima, jer vjerujem da jezik ima moć povezati ljude i otvoriti nova vrata." - Petra Papa


Histrion Foundation, through Zaklada Histrion, is happy to offer support to Pozitron's Team Croatia. After taking a respectable 3rd place at FIRST Robotics Competition in health category in 2021, Team Croatia successfully passed the national qualifiers and secured their place at 2023 FIRST Global Challenge that is taking place in Singapore, 7-10 October 2023.  

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